Collection Of Delinquent Debt

Mission Statement

CODD Mission Statement

The mission of Collection Of Delinquent Debt is to achieve the highest standards of practice in an industry that has earned its less-than-desirable reputation.  The Collection Of Delinquent Debt company will promote a respectful approach to collecting outstanding debts on behalf of our customers using the highest level of technology to aid in recovery.

CODD Vision Statement

The Collection Of Delinquent Debt company will quickly become a leader in the industry by taking a different approach.  We base our entire business practices around three core principles, being;

  • respectful
  • reasonable
  • reliable

We strongly believe that those three principles are what is missing from even the most successful of collection agencies.  By focusing on these principles and also implementing our unique and proprietary technology to aid in our service, we foresee rapid growth inside of this industry.